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better type before i forget

weird. weird weird weird dream. I dont even know where it starts but I'll try and explain from the frist thing I remember. OK we were all heading to jas' apartment, all of us includes esther, jas, jon, jer, cheng, mikey, jb, ryan and mike. I saw everyone there but not all of them had an active part in my dream. When we all arrived there, all the guys kicked back in the parking lot before going into the apartment. once the girls left, each of the guys starting taking stuff out of the cars, stuff like silly string, feathers, honey, eggs, etc. it seemed like they were gonna do something mischievous to to either someones car or house for some reason. well we left all the stuff in jons truck trunk and we headed to the apartment. OK the apartment was weird looking; it looked nothing like jas' real apartment. for instance, there were like 5 rooms. I saw esther in the far left corner of the room and went up to her. we started talking about how we were tired and just wanted to lie down and watch tv. so we went to the closest empty room and laid down on the bed. I got up to look for the remote but once i turned around, esther turned into my friggen dad. i was like uhhh, where did she go? my dad asked me, "hey. is that your girlfriend? and does she feel comfortable around me since that one incident?" Ok to sidetrack a bit to give you a better understanding, the incident he was talking about was last time esther came to my house, we went upstairs to my room cuz i needed to get my clothes to spend the night at her apartment. well my dad came upstairs and left his door open. we decided to leave and right when we started going down my stairs, my dad started decided to change. well i was halfway down the stairs and i was telling esther to say hi to my dad. but she had this disgruntled face on but she did anyway. i didnt see what happened but once we got downstairs, she told me that when she said hi, my dad was in his underwear. :::back to my story::: I answered my dad and said, "well she's more worried about how you might be embarrassed." then he told me he was gonna go talk to her about it. he then got up and left before i got a chance to tell him not to. I heard them talking in the hallway, but it sounded all like gibberish. right after they were done, I went to the hallway and me and esther decided to go into another room. i think the room we went in was the master bedroom cuz it was soo huge. well we went to the bed and the tv was right in front of the bedpost. so i leaned over and turned it on and forresst gump was on for some reason. well we started watching the movie while lying down and then i turned to my left. and my friggen da was there again, but time he has his guitar. i was like WTF. i guess i got kinda pissed so i told esther that we should get out of the room to give him his privacy. we went into the living where everyone was hanging out but when we got there, everyone was ready to have a pillow fight. then suddenly all these people started walking into jas' apartment. i think all these kids were going to some kind of dance cuz all the chicks were wearing these baby blue prom dresses and they had all their make up on. As for the guys, it looked like they were going to some county hick fair because they were wearing overalls and straw hats. but what intrigued me about the guys that were entering the room was that they were all wearing padding or a grip of pillows under their clothes to look fat. by this time i was super confused so i went outside to my car. once i got there, all the guys that were inside, met me outside. I have no idea why, but they had their minds set on doing some vandalism. they got all the stuff out of jons trunk and started throwing it on all the cars in the parking lot. i decided to join the fun but i picked up an empty bottle of silly string. then all the guys scattered, some drove away and some ran away. I started running with jer and he was leading the way. he found these fire escape platforms, so we started climbing them. then i woke up.
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