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i tried writing a song but it wont work

my mind that is. SO i decided to write because rhyming right now is pretty trifling. ::kudos to esther and she would know why =):: well i feel pretty depressed right now. and i think this song im listening to is contributing to it. you remember that crowded house song, "dont dream its over?" yeah that 80s song. its so pretty. oh but wait, there's more. sixpence did a remake of the song. it's just as pretty. yeah two pretty song that have the same lyrics is what repeats on my mp3 player. frankly I think it's kinda stupid to have two versions of a song and to have them alternate in playing. ah well, i like these song that much. ::thanx again sweetie:: so what is up. I guess it's about time i updated this shite. k to sum up my semester. it was a pretty challenging, roller coaster of emotions semester. see its weird because i've notice that why is there always a yin and a yang to all feelings. i swear if you feel happy, you're due for an negative emotion. it's like you can only stay happy for a limited time before something conflicts with that feeling. and im not just talking about relationships. everything about friggen life brings this big cluster of emotions that wait in line to enter your psyche, slowly trading in their tickets for a chance to endure the amusement park of your life. stress, anxiety, ignornance (i made this an emotion cuz i always feel stupid at times), imbarrassment, anger, apathy are major players of my life as of late. well i just mentioned the jerks and the dicks of the ride. I've had my share of happiness, admiration, enjoyment also. but yeah im a pessimist, so i tend focus on the bad things. ok my semester. on a sidenote, i know i should talk about stuff in the summer, but i left off in a place that i would rather write when im feeling more chipper.

ok semester:
since the end of summer, i was so dreading school. deciding and determining my schedule was a bitch to start off with. I got some classes I planned on taking, but I ended up crashing in other classes because I made the late decision of transferring to long beach, which made me change my schedule to take classes that are transferrable. after finally deciding my schedule, a few weeks after the first day of school, ummmm.. its a complete blur really. I remember going through lots of stress because certain classes were extremely hard at times. i recall my week of hell which consisted of 2 tests, a presentation, and an essay all in 3 days. and to top it off, the early days of the week were the days of 3 of my closest friends' bdays. mannn i've never procrastinated so much since this semester. and i thought my other semesters were bad. whew. This one night, i finally decided to start an essay that was due the next day and I should have started a least a few days earlier. It was due at 12 but i had class at 11. I finished this essay at 1030 and i usually leave at 10 so i can get a parking spot and have time to walk to my class. I arrived to class 10 minutes late and i would have totally made it if i didnt get pulled over. hehe but luckily i was able to play the role of the broke, upset, im sorry for breaking the law college student really well because the coppa just issued me a warning =D. whore made me late. ah well, thats 4 warnings without a violation yet. woot ::knock on wood:: oh yeah i got a b on that essay. haha and i wrote it high. well i wasn't really high, i just toked two small bowls during the duration of the essay just to stimulate my mind and to help rid the worries of not finishing on time.
ok what else. poli sci were the ass kickers of my semester. poli sci 102 was just a little too hard for a GE class. one was more difficult that the other. the other was a cake class but the teacher was a suckie vin diesel look alike. it seemed like an interesting guy but his curriculum sucked. maybe it as because my other poli sci covered a lot of what he was talking about. well yeah, he only had 2 things that would determine our grades, a midterm and a final. I'm not really sure how well i did in that class but i didn't get an A that's for sure. he was too boring to pay attention to. my other class sucked genitalia because the of the teacher. she would always go off tangents when explaining stuff. and the vent was always running so it was hard to hear. and to top it off, whenever she would get excited, she would talk really really low. so yeah us back sitters could barely hear her majority of the time so i often dazed off, left early, or found something more interesting to do in that class. but hte one thing that i regret in that class was doing extra credit. I totally forgot that it was due on the day after thanksgiving weekend and it would have boosted my grade a letter higher if i did. nuts. I ended up pulling a c in that class. now for my tfm class. i can't ask for an easier class. we basically watched movies majority of the time and we had one major quiz and it was take home. yeah i aced this class and jon did too. I also roxored my bio lab cuz my teacher was a lenient immigrant. she was a good teacher, it's just she just couldn't speak english well. but she made her deficiency up with easy grading. I got an A in that lab and pulled off a presentation that allowed me to show balls and a vagina. details will come later for that story. too bad my bio lecture wasn't as easy. I got a B- in this class because i slacked off and this was the class i had to throw away cuz my hell week was too much for me to handle so i didn't really focus on doing well on one of its tests. it was an ok clas but his tests were kinda tricky. ok i just lost the will to write but i basically explained my semester in a scholarly, onesided manner... or so i like to think so. school this semester isn't the really now that i think of it. i guess it's cause i wasn't really dedicated enough with school. too much procrastination and fun.. not enough learning. its aite doe, i didn't do too bad. =P 2 more days till fun fun! hopefully all that i hope goes according to plan.... =/ ok ima type a little bit more. 2 days, we get to go to another rave. =D but im worried certain things will not go the way i hope it will =/. first off, i'm working on new years so i wont have time to relax and be a bum afterwards. and certain people may not go. mikey just bailed, esther is still in debate, and if we don't buy tix in time, craig might not go either. but im more bummed out about the fact that esther might not go, obviously. if i wasnt.. man what a dick i am. reasons why she might not go, ill just leave blank cuz its not my business to tell. but yeah, that would totally crush my holiday. how great is it to experience the new year with a someone that makes you complete? anyone? im asking cuz i don't know.. but im sure its one of those moments in life you look back at and perceive as priceless... something mastercard couldnt buy at the time. "so please please please let me get what i want." thats kinda selfish for me to say. sorry for being selfish but its really the only thing i hoped for these holidays... man im a dick, i shouldnt say that. it shouldn't be up to me if it goes against her plans. yeah. hopefully, i will at least be able to greet her at 12 am. =/
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