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trippy crazy scary dream.... ::shivers::

man. this dream scared me shitless. me, mike, jas, and jon were in my room making a crazy ass ruckus. i think we were all trippin on some kind of drug that we havent tried before cuz we were going crazzzzy. i recall me and jon wrestling on the bed and jas laughing while slapping either mine or jons back trying to instigate us wrestling. then we turn to mike whos standing and right when we turn to him, he friggen pulls down his pants and whips out little mike for our viewing pleasure.... ewwww. we were all grossed out and laughing hardcore by mikes bold, homoerotic action. he then starts chasing jas around the room, while both laugh and yell at the top of their lungs. jon's sitting on the bed with his back on the wall, mike and jas are standing and jas still laughing but mike pulls up his pants by this time. im sitting on the corner of my bed in a way thats bad for my posture. then all of a sudden, my dad kicks the door open and all of us turn to him. his face was covered in shadows but the rest of his body is visible, along with the foreign extremely harmful object in his hand. then two shots go off... and i look down to my white shirt which by the time is drenched in blood. i take off my shirt and i have two bullet holes on my body, one on my left chest pec and the other, a little bit above my belly button. it didnt hurt but i started grasping for air like my life depended on it... which it prolly did. then i woke up. it was 3:46 on the dot... i couldnt go back to sleep till 5 cuz i was too scared that it might end up happening.
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