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long distance (draft)

So what else can I ask for
You're a wonderful surprise
That we can open once you realize
You can soar in the sky
and ill be there as your tour guide

So what else can i ask for?
What can i suggest?
You're one of my greatest
You showed it when you opened my door
(well there’s that one thing)

Our relationship and its distance
Makes me miss you every instance
I can't help but think of this
I can't just visit you
I can't steal a kiss

Well I don't mean to be cruel or sore
But the distance between us is a factor
every mile and every hour
away from what I adore
Makes me wonder what its all for

And it’s so hard to explain
I don't mind our weekend rendezvous
But the planning and the timeframe
When I’m not with you
Affects me at night
But I’ll still hang on as of now
Cause it will be worth it
Oh will be worth it
A year from now

[chorus] x2
And I can’t steal a kiss yeah
I can’t Oh I can’t
Cause this distance, this long distance
Makes me think of you every instance
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