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hey a chinese is back

Hey I’m back. Sorry I’ve been INCOGNITO :: I capitalize that cuz someone close and dear to me said he/she likes the way "we" use that now. who's we? hehe. I haven’t been in a public writing mode in a long time. Oh man… flashbacks about the months that have previously passed!! I'd rather not talk about what's been up lately. It’s really tiresome to explain some of it and a lot is really personal. But I need to get back into writing. I swear. I've been enunciating shit all wrong lately… did I even spell that big word right just now? my sentences are all fragmented and I can’t keep a convo with anyone anymore. =P you think your ability to write affects the way you talk? Uhh… well… yeah genius. Stupid q. too much party party lately. Anyway, I’ll try to take this hobby/important tool of life and and and follow the famous Morse high school rules of conduct, “Expected Schoolwide Learning Results… ESLRs,” that’s incorporated with the hobby of writing. It’s only good for you to filter out your emotions and shit. Oh wait before I get into deep wonderfully gay thought… I dunno how this journal is going turn out. I’m sorry if I offend certain people. I haven’t written in a long time. Anyway. Lemme get into writing mode…


A way of practice… practice what? Your writing abilities and you’re stamina… you Italian stallion…. Here goes:


K just felt like writing. 9:51. this is your time. Get better! This is the time of you’re… err… my…. Well my dag nab it. Mann! Get to the point nigger. This is the time of you ejaculation stamina! Not very long is it. But I remember reading about how males age 18 to err…. 18 to 23  are clocked at 10 to 20 minutes. Wait a minute. I fall into that statistic and I’m on the lower side of it. Wtf… I need to practice more. You’re probably thinking… “What? Did he say practice?”  Yes I use masturbation as a means to practice my sexual stamina. You’re probably wondering how I do it. I know I know… some people say that, “sex isn’t the same as masturbation.” Well yeah that still applies. But what… is there any other better fuckin way to practice? Sticking your penis in a hole in a swimming pool for instance isn’t really that smart. I recall hearing a story dealing with that.  My cousins… I put that in italics because they’re not really my cousins. They’re just



Just keep on elaborating with remembering anything. Like write and write and write, then let the sentence take you to your next pondering thought. Does this sentence make sense? Is it hard to understand? I don’t know either. But here check this out, whenever my friends and I get together, we love to elaborate on jokes to make things much more funny, we kill the hell out of a jokes that are said. Hehe the whole time, from the beginning to the end of I guess let’s say… laughing matter…. we’re just busting up until everyone stops laughing.   I guess it’s kind of like that. DO this exercise to improve your writing. It helps you in some weird abstract way I think. Hey not THAT way…I know you’re thinking of it…. Did he really masturbate? NO. The way implied in the previous paragraph.  K I lost my train of thought. I’m kinda high right now.


p.s. Guys lie about the act of committing masturbation.


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Articles I Wrote for the Crusader.  1999-2000. Leslie’s Place. 29 October 1999.



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