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im bored too...

1. bear bear cause of the fact that his penis is incredibly small. Maybe mentioning him here will boost his ego, which was constantly being let down each time he takes a shower and pee pees.

Name 2 parts of your body that you wouldn't change:

1. sexy vagina i mean buff, long, volleyball built legs.
2. crooked pinkies cuz it makes me unique. i can make the roxy sign, heart, or wu tang clan hand gesture with this bad boys.

Name 3 gigs that blew you away:

1. Jimmy eat world at the Glasshouse... by far the best intimate concert. i touched myself there btw.
2. Coachella!!!!! this would be first but i thought about it 2nd.
3. tough call... NRG in San Bernadino... got to know my kitten there. still memorable despite the fact that 30 cars got broken into, including my own.

Name 4 items of clothing you like in your wardrobe:

1. Green beanie with a beak! I'm so hiphoppotomus
2. PF flyers... wait through them out cuz they were holey. Black converse.
3. Baby blue "morning wood" shirt.. given by my lub. I feel so hot with it on. but im sure people are like "ewww. gook" when i wear it. screw them morning wood haters >=O.
4. brown banana republic jacket. i feel so GQ with it on. GQ = Gay Queer.

Name 5 websites you couldn't live without:

1. visit every week.
2. i dont believe in hotmail cuz im not a hot male
3. (2nd that jer bear!)
4. (2nd that as well!)

Name 6 places you'd like to visit:

1. NY... visit cousin who lives near central Park :D
2. Amsterdam... yeah... I wanna see... tourist stuff there.. yeahhh thats the ticket
3. Texas... I miss my doggies T_T
4. Frisco. never been... you know whats pathetic? i forgot how to spell that city the right way... major brain fart.
5. PI becuase of the fact that people will follow me and think I'm a movie star and ask me for my clothes that i can apparently get again at the states brad.
6. China. Mainly cuz i got chinky eyes. I'll feel right at home there.

Name 7 movies you have to watch again and again:

1. Harold and Kumar. ITs sOoO EXTREME!!
2. PI. I feel smrat when i watch it
3. monster Squad. 80s b-movies rox your sox.
4. Donnie Darko. I wanna time travel T_T
5. Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind. Jim Carrey came up so much compared to firemarshall bill
6. Royal Tenenbuams
7. shite... mmmm Jule Jordan's Asian compilation.. such movie stars include: Cris Taliana, Nautica, Katsumi, Jade Hsu, and other noteworthy actresses that need not be mentioned. =P

Name 8 words you'd use to describe yourself:

1. Chink
2. Long
3. short in other aspects T_T
4. Nocturnal
5. Spatial
6. negligently profrane
7. ADD
8. frugal

Name 9 things you love to eat and drink:

1. fried rice
2. chicken
3. salt and pepper chicken
4. fried chicken
5. roasted chicken
6. teriyaki chicken
7. orange slice
8. Rasberry iced tea
9. nutella

Name 10 CDs you couldn't live without:

:sweating: n/a i dont listen to music by default cuz my music preference is blank atm

::new question::

Name 10 CDs you're listening to at the moment:
1. Air- talkie walkie
2. Air- moon safari
3. Immortal technique vol 1
4. immortal technique vol 2
5. The shins
6. Frou Frou/gradenstate soundtrack
7. Modest mouse- the new ablum... forgot what its called
8. Bjork- Medula
9. damn.. pathetic... thats all at the moment.

Name 2 Cds you listened to in the past and would like to mention:

1. Mars Volta
2. Sparta- wiretap scars

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