johnniefive im alive! (johnnie) wrote,
johnniefive im alive!


This is a resurrection. I honestly never thought I would return to this site. I thought I was over it bur reminiscence, procrastination, irrational choices to do drugs, and insomnia led me here. Hahah. Doesn't sound like I've changed much huh? Well to be frank, I'm pretty different. Whether its for the good or bad is debatable; good in the sense that I have more direction, a better sense of myself, and responsibilities.... but bad in the sense that I may be more cynical, a bit more self-destructive, riskier in different ways, less patience and tolerance, and less friends. One word can sum up the last sentence that explains why it all happened... change.

Well maybe I should recap my life for a hot second. I now go to Cal State Los Angeles and very close to graduating, "technically" live with Esther even though she doesn't sleep here for the week, have a job at a company with a lot of potential but I may be getting tired of, and umm... I guess that's all I can think of. My mind is kind of wandering due to the weed I just smoked. Oh yeah, there are a lot of things that haven't changed about me as well. I'm still into pot... but more educated about it. It's funny though because as much of a pothead I am, it's not really affecting my life. Well it did cause me to lose a best friend but frankly, she's a bit too much right now. In terms of academics and mentality, it hasn't really affected me. Mentality meaning it doesn't affect my short term memory too much. Wow. It's 3am and I gotta wake up at 5. I should really sleep because I have to study soon. I may be updating this more often soon. I may are the two key words.
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