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johnniefive im alive!'s Journal

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Thursday, October 17th, 2002
9:10 pm - wooo
Which Amelie character are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

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Wednesday, October 16th, 2002
1:14 am - woo hoo! d'oh!
I'm so like Homer!

I'm Homer, who are you? by Lexi

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1:10 am - im so stuuuuupiiiiiddddd
Take the M&M's Test @ Rasberry Rain

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Tuesday, October 15th, 2002
2:43 am - a wickedly sweet idea...
sweet as saaaaawwwwwweeeeeeetttttttt.......

K im gonna try to write the poem first

keep an eye out for those CAPITAL words.... and remember them for the end.... =)


She's not the type of person that's follows the wagon
Nor is she the type that WOULD be into bragging
YOU and me are equal, according to her pupils
Oh PLEASE, she sure isn't the type to look down on people

She's everything BEsides typical
A presentable trend into all the rituals
No thats not her, shes beyond that
That was MY impression I first got, right off the bat

OK now for her personality,which im sure you WOULD admire
YOU would be PLEASEd, when she calls you sire
Not in that literal sense, but as someone that makes you feel welcomed
Always there for conversations to get you out of the slums

She's everything BEsides typical
A presentable trend into all the rituals
No thats not her, shes beyond that
That was MY first impression, right off the bat

O.K. she's maybe into some stuff that are part of the popular
Then again, who WOULDn't be interested in some of the overexposure
YOU know its everywhere and it's too PLEAS(E)ing for ears to handle
BEing all that we consider, affecting something mental

Truthfully, she thinks and does what she likes and chooses
Everything cool in her eyes is something that amuses
Herself and possibly MY eyes, yours and some of her GIRLFRIENDs
I bet she even used her debit card to treat them out again

O.K. there's possibly one way that may make her typical
But it's something that everyone finds commendable
Because she's that typical person you would gladly fall for
As in someone that you happily drive an hour and 10 minutes for

Now think about the bold words as i recite them...

current mood: infatuated & lovingly anixous

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Tuesday, October 8th, 2002
2:21 am - sounds fun

You are exhilarating company and motivate people to get things done, however feeling over confident they could possibly do jobs that arnt nessesarily their own and direct traffic at busy intersections or conduct childrens parties at Mc Donald restraunts. You keep people up all night and too much of you can make people hostile or even agrressive with you. Othertimes your exciting company can make people lose their appetite and sometimes you just make people anxious and nervouse. Spending way too much time with you can make people paranoid and psychosed taking long trips pegging out places suspected secret services are meeting to conspire against your accompaniment.

Find Out If You Were A Drug, What You Would Be!

quiz by ravenritings

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2:12 am - was there any doubt about it

See what drug you are.

well i kinda wanted to be this so i changed my answers.. hehe. it was either this or fig newton..? i dunno.

current mood: high

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Sunday, October 6th, 2002
2:16 pm - hmm i guess so

Which Tetris Character Are You...?

You are The ‘T’ Block!

Take the quiz by Fritz

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2:09 pm - data my favorite goonie!!!!!!!! he owns!!!!!! he fits the criteria of my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

current mood: amused

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Wednesday, September 25th, 2002
3:30 pm - or this just cuz it seems cool

What Video Game Character Are You? I am Kung Fu Master.I am Kung Fu Master.

I like to be in control of myself. I dislike crowds, especially crowds containing people trying to kill me. Even though I always win, I prefer to avoid fights if possible. What Video Game Character Are You?

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3:29 pm - sounds dope arkanoid

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Breakout Bat.I am a Breakout Bat.

I am an abstract sort of creature, who dislikes any sort of restraint. If you try to pigeonhole me, I'll break the box, and come back for more. I don't have any particular ambitions, I just drift, but I am adept at keeping life going along. What Video Game Character Are You?

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Wednesday, September 18th, 2002
1:08 am - ahhh shite......mmmmmmhmmmmmmmm......

Which Trainspotting Character Are You?

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Tuesday, September 17th, 2002
12:33 am - crappidy crap crap
Perhaps this is the best time than no other
To make my feelings into words without the stutter
clouding my voice, ruining the situation of us
Expression has found me, grasp the moment i must
creativity has touched me so please listen

Our time is now at a level times 10
I can't even begin to comprehend
I wasn't seeking nor digging the routine hole i hide in
I sure wasn't forcing anything
Whatever it be called, it sort just fell into place
reaching far deeper than my experiences,
my touches
my taste

Time has stopped and shined on us
Holding back the adversity and fuss
To let us be
What we sought to see
A moment that is now
For you and me

Fortunate enough to be Acquainted some time ago
That one special person everyone seeks to know
Hard to tell where the future lies
On cloud 9 or hopefully not in rumbling cries
But to speak upon my intentions and aspiration,
Strive I will try, for our completion


Though it seems, or maybe just on my behalf
That my efforts could strike up a grip of laughs
To all whom I voice to her and others
The sappy remarks and my tainted strutter
I know of no other way to say what I should say
Except maybe this meaningful attempt, persay

...and this is where the block of writers fell on me...

current mood: anxious

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Friday, September 13th, 2002
1:18 am - sleepless
yep just one of those nights again. one of those nights where every inquiry thats bothering you pops in your head, preventing from catching those peaceful zzz. i think i kinda brought it upon myself because i was reading this book that kinda got me pissed. its a book that my poli sci teacher issued and so far, ive read alittle bit about the scandal of of George W. bush becoming president. man what a cock. never knew that there was a lot of law breaking involved with the presidency issue. i.e. a lot of people weren't allowed to vote--i think 7200 people were denied their voting rights. the reason why is such bullshit. k bush's campaign manager was allowed to disregard certain people, mainly ex-felons. but it just wasn't these "ex-felons" that weren't allowed to vote. all people that had the same birthdate, similiar SSN, similiar name, were denied their rights. isnt that bs?? of the many that weren't allowed to vote, one lady... i think her last name was madison, wasn't allowed and this chick was one of the head hanchos that was in charge of Florida voting or something like that. yeah im prolly boring you with this stuff. so ill move on. man today was such a crap day. i thought it was gonna turn out good too. i woke up earlier than usual and felt the urge to do something productive. so i take showa, feed the dogs, and wash me car. i finished a little before 2 and ate some lunch. i was such in a good mood, up until i was at the el cajon stop light. i looked at my schedule and it turned out that the class i was trying crash started at 2 and it was like 330. i felt soo stupid. dang it. so as soon as i got to school, i headed straight to the library to look up if i could crash the same class at hte same time. turns out that i can, but this the class is at 6. boooooo. i hate killing time at state. first off, im not really socialable and 2nd, prolly all the people i do know are long gone since its already 4. so yeah spending time by yourself with nothing to do is so boring. so i decide to walk back to my car to get a book that i was gonna sell back to the bookstore. this book was for this class i dropped and i couldnt return it cuz i already opened it. when i got to the bookstore turns out that they not buying the book back. so i walked back to my car cuz im sure as hell, wasnt gonna carry it and add extra load to my poor shoulders. also, it was about 85 degress or so and i was sweating like ...ummm this fat smelly guy that i was sitting next to when i was sitting in the library... argh. when i got there, i found a good seat but i had to pay the price of sitting next to that fat guy. he like fell asleep and was snoring extremely loud. bloody fattie. couldnt get any kind of studying done so i turned on my cd player and tried to sleep. that kinda cheered me up cuz i was listening to a really good cd made by one of my favorite people and i absolutely love the songs on it. when this john mayer song came on, i was inspired to write some song. so i woke me ass up and went to the nearest computer and waa laa... the incomplete song below. i only have like 20 minutes to write and thats all i came up with. but yeah. i became chipper after that and it stayed with me till my crashing class actions. as for this class, it actually pretty cool and im hoping i get in. hehe the instructor is this chinese mini girl that doesnt speak english well... man this class is gonna so cake if i take it. everyone was copying off of each other and it was just kick ass. class usually ends at 8:40 and i got out by 8:15. as i walked to my car, i had a pleasant convo with kick ass gal on my trusty cellie and i felt like one of those college people that you see passing by, using their cell phones, smiling and stuck in their own telephone world. wait i kinda made that seem like a bad thing. it wasn't at all. when i got home, i was hungry so i satisfied my stomach with some yummy pansit palabok. mmm, im still kinda hungry now. well from here on, i guess my emotions grew weary. maybe it was the pansit but i doubt it. yeah i guess depression creeped up behind me and put me in a figure four. or maybe it was just boredom. i dunno. but i do know that i kinda wanted to go out and hang but everyone seemed to be doing something. so yeah i stayed home and did the regular stuff, chatting, playing video games and blah blah. what a suckie night. i tried sleeping early but when i get depressed, i so cannot sleep. all my doubts that linger in the back of my head, come abustin out and random thoughts about how im gonna fail in all my endeavors come seeping through. bleh. i thought about my college career and how i may be making the wrong decisions, the qualities i hate about myself, and my social life and how if i take the wrong steps, i could close some doors that i want to stay open. yes that last one is vague for a reason. but yeah, just one of those nights... sigh... i need to do something fun tomorrow. i bet tonight is gonna end up being an allnighter for kicks. ill let you know tomorrow.

current mood: confused

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Thursday, September 12th, 2002
5:26 pm - our time is now (?)
Perhaps this is the best time than no other
To make my feelings into words without the studder
clouding my voice, ruining the situation of us
Expression has found me, grasp the moment i must
creativity has touched me so please listen

Our time is now at a level times 10
I can't even begin to comprehend
I wasn't seeking nor digging the routine hole i hide in
I sure wasn't forcing anything
Whatever it be called, it sort just fell into place
reaching far deeper than my experiences,
my touches
my taste

to be concluded......

current mood: touched and inspired

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2:33 pm - ahhhhh wicked nightmares!!
i had two friggen scary ass nightmares last night. man what wack dreams. the first one i had was prolly more scarier than the first one. it was really short too. i came out of someone's house, either jon, mikey, or jer's house, and i specifically heard mikey go "oh shit, theyre jacking your car!" and i looked beyond the mini hill that blocked me from a clear view of what was happening and i saw a lot of shattered glass on the floor and someone's feet hanging out of my broken window. i started running and yelled "noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!" which carried on to reality as i woke up. man i was so paranoided right after i woke up, i felt like checking to see if my car was ok but i didn't cuz i fell asleep soon after. but then later, i had another dream. more of a painful than a shocking one like the previous one. this second dream was pretty twisted. i recall seeing my dad and uncle behind me and i was in the bathroom. i was looking at some big ass pimple on my chin and decided to do something about it... why i thought of doing this, i have no idea, but i did it. i lit a match and decided to burn it off... how weird huh? but i did it too long and some kinda fire ignited under my pimple. i remember seeing a small light going on inside my skin, right under the big ass pimple. i tried to smother it with my hand but it didnt work. so i resorted to stabbing a sissors inside my skin and splashing water in it to stop it from burning. as painful as it sounds, it didnt hurt at all. so that dream was just wicked as hell. but if you know me, you would see why my first dream was more scarier. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! chinese bombs!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1:58 am - feel the rhymth...feel the rhyme.....errr something something. its bobsled time! cool runnings!!!!!!
why i entitled this entry that, i have no idea my friends. but yeah, im going to try to make it a habit to type in this regularly again... man how many times have i said that and i havent followed through? well this time, ill prioritize it cuz i need to keep writing so that i dont become dislexic when writing essays.
k ummmm where do i begin? an update perhaps? i think so
i guess ill start from explaining my summer in general.

what a weird summer it was. "the summer of change" as in jas' words or "the summer to forget" as in jon's words. so many things happened, positive and negative alike, that i really dont know whether to classify this summer as good or bad summer. so ill just call it THE SUMMER. it has to have THE in it to distinguish from other summers. anyway, lets start from the beginning i guess. bleh, too much narcotics....ahhhh. its hurts my brain when i contemplate the past. ah well, ill try my best.

k the summer kicked off pretty well actually. I cruised through my final days of school with confidence and suave i guess. I wasn't really sweating any of my finals. well up until i took my rws 200 final. mann, it turned out that my rws final was cumulative and i came into class without any types of notes, homework, past essays, and most importantly, the friggen RWS book. well, at least i wasn't alone, heh jon was in my boat also. we both thought that it was just gonna be some lame, cake self-reflective essay... boy were we wrong. I ended up pulling a B+ in that class, which im kinda dissappointed at because i had an A in that class up until the last essay and final. that is a bullshit no? i pasted all my other finals with ease, earning As and A-'s for the other 3 classes i took, math, astronomy and biology101. that 101 suffix is actually quite important, well important to me. ill tell you why in a little bit. k something about the beginning of my summer...... hmmmm ohhhhh. the ucr party. =). fun indeed. well, the aftermath of the party turned out pretty crapie cuz of some unfortunate things happening. i.e. AJ getting drunk off his ass and ummm ultimate commitments breaking. when i say that second thing, i purposely said it vaguely because its not my business to tell. but yeah, turned out to be a progressifve problem through out the summer. but yeah, back to my update. fun fun hehe. i saw lots of familiar faces and casual acquaintances. but the thing that sucked is that it was such a cock fest. ohh and i found some people making nukie in the closest. haha i so looked down on that girl.... down as in you know looking at her with shame and stuff... not looking down on her... errr things that make her as a girl. hehe ohh yeah, jon saw them too and remembered who they were. ewwwww. k what else about this party. ohh getting irie was one of the most fun times ive ever had.... mainly because i got to spend time with a girl that lights my fire =D. ill leave her name blank because she might not appreciate me talking about her in my live public journal. k yeah it was absolutely fun mainly because of her. what else, ohhh i got to DJ with Vanessa. it was cool cuz we got people to start dancing. ok for the downside of this party is that it got broken up by cops. so the music stopped soon after and the capacity of the crowd shrunk down from a huge cock fest to a mini cockfest. but it was still fun because many friends came and it was a great night for talking. ohh i played frisbee too.

arrgghh its so hard to remember what happened this summer. geez, i should have been updating.. ok. ill talk about.... the 321 performance.

ok this happened sometime in mid june on a friday or sat? bah not sure but one of those days. k the day began with ummmm... i have no idea... but im sure it was anxiety. we left for the debutant around 6ish if i remember. and i had a serious problem with finding something to wear. ok, the actual debutant was kinda crap cuz my friends were faced were forced to face some past demons... demons as in people. they saw this night as something that would reunite old friends. what bs. see my friends aren't cool with a certain group of people and they choose not to hang out with these people. gosh im so not feeling this entry. ill cut straight to the chase. the performance. argh im kinda aggravated, even till this day, cuz i messed up a lot of aspects of the performance. our set list was nice to know you and sweetness. ok for nice to know you, i started off drumming really fast, making the song sound like crap. and for sweetness... lets just say that it was a great instrumental with a person, being me, pertending to sing his heart out. =/. yes i am dissappointed myself. I wish i could take that night back and perform the proper way. but yeah, its past and i buried it deep in my subconscience toy chest. hmmmm.

i guess thats good enough half ass attempt to update. ill try to continue tomorrow. maybe more will come to me

current mood: mischievous

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Friday, September 6th, 2002
12:23 am - yay look at me! im so pretty! oh so pretty!
american eagle

What prep label are you?

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Monday, August 26th, 2002
9:35 am - dear, your name here!!!!!!!!!
mannnnnn this is like the third type ive had to start this friggen entry because i accidently click on something and erase the contents of this. man i got an idea. im gonna type this up on word then just copy and paste. pj youre a genious! arghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! somethings wrong with my friggen word. dude i think this is a sign that i shouldnt write this entry yet. bleh. im sorry. seriously, 3 consecutive setbacks is such a sign to stop writing this. ill just mention what i said in my intro earlier, which hardly related to the rave in any way. oh yeah, look to my friends jon and jas' journal if you want some insight on the rave. but jas is more likely to update it than jon's lazy writing ass. no offense lazy ass. haha joke!

k what i said on my recent attmpts to update this is that I feel bad for not giving nfg enough credit for being a good band in the past. I guess it was all their mainstream hype and their titles as "leaders" in the emo revolution what turned me off. i now see why they are getting big. their music totally catches the average emo-punk rocking kid's interest. lots of their songs meet all the characteristics of what define "emotional rock." like how a friend of mine mentioned at the rave and im sure you guys go through it as well, i always have these phases where im particularly interested in a band or type of music. nfg have seized the number 1 spot on my list of temporary music interest, robbing the juliana theory and pushing them down to number 2. man i do that list stuff too much. sorry for biting off of you john cusack and in your role in high fidelity. ok thats basically what i said in my intro. bah. k cheers my friends.

current mood: annoyed

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9:17 am - arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, August 25th, 2002
9:32 am - OnE
Hey you have the time? NooOoOOO... I do. I finally found the time to update this mug. But this isn't just one of those blah blah updates. I guess you can say this is a special one. Initially full of anticipation, then onto nervousness,awkwardness and more akwardness respectively. But then out of no where, boom--a burst of happiness, joy, ATTRACTION, and finally into sad melodramatics that will be lifted with the gift of friendship. I can also say that love was a big part of this whole experience, but then I would prolly have to explain all the several types of ways love can be defined... I'll leave it up to you smart folks to self-consciously eyespy it. If you're wondering what kinda experience could cause all these sudden changes in emotions, i will hesitantly tell you that it is one of those growing concerns that to the blinded and unopened, "plagues" all sorts of people in society. Once you do open your door to slightly let it in, i promise you that when you actually experience it, you will bombarded with all these types of emotion and possibly more. The experience, more or less, is different for everyone. bleh enough with this hyped up intro. The experience was a rave.

My day begun the night prior to when it was scheduled. Like the entire summer, I didnt go to sleep until 630 in the morning... yes i know its bad but hey look at me now. I am already up and its almost 10 am! I will slowly develop a good and healthy sleeping pattern soon enough. Anyway, That thursday night/friday morning, I tried going to sleep early but i was so excited that I kept imagining all kinds of occurrences that would happen as a result of the rave. Not mentioning any names, I imagined things such as me, pj or john calvelo, giving a kick ass light show and hypnotizing all those around me with my smooth seemingly facile style and largely drawing in others because their curiousness was aroused by those around me, calling my name. Yes I imagined this, so I woke up and started doing the basic patterns that rave veteran mr. jon navarro taught me and jasmine mayo. This is just one of the several images that caused my state of insomnia. Ironically some of the occurences that i imagined, actually happened; safely saying that more of my good thoughts happened. Well after many eye winks and blinks, I finally found my sleeping rhythm and fell asleep. But my time with kirby was shortly breached at 10am because I called my cousin in order to ask if you could still give me a haircut, which I received at 11. I came home and again fell victim to the obsession i call Diablo 2: expansion pack and took another 2 through 10 mini naps, with each nap obstructed by either self-thwarting distractions--i.e. drool--or by uncontrolable interruptions--phone calls... =( my phone...... ill get to that dont worry. I then got myself out of my half-aware state of mind and took a shower around 3. Then quickly did the simple tasks of preparation that I self-reminded myself to do, such as put the 4 pop rocks in a plastic bag to make it more convenient to either stuff in my crotch or jas's crotch... yes us rave participants have to resort to such low levels as this to heighten our experiences. I also, took apart in this bracelet that Jon gave me on our last rave and added a key attachment that should be considered a necessity in a rave... a pacifier. =)mama. My preparations were done and so I was then flooded with a mix of nervousness and anticipation because I had nothing to keep me busy. So i played with my doggies to kill time. Jas, jon, and mikey all arrived at the same time in jas' new sexy Volkswagon and our other companion arrived shortly after them... I would love to continue this but waking up this early is too soon in my ritual of fixing my summer sleeping patterns. I will start tomorrow. so either tonight or tomorrow morning, i will make the time to finish my entry.

One last rambling session...You know for all of you that think I am hyping and commending an event that you in your own, think shouldn't be praised, I was wearing the exact same shoes you guys had this time, last year. but once i opened up to it a my last year's experience, there was no way i would could be against it because it was an unforgettable and worthwhile experience. I guess you can call me a victim because deepdown, it really is a bad experience. But I see my post-adolescence as a time in my life where I consider pleasure to be a top 5 headliner on my lines of fullfillment, with business prestigously fixed at number 1.

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